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Various Ways Of Controlling Pests A parasite is an animal that is so destructive, and it depends on either crops or livestock for food. It is a nuisance to the animal that it feeds on since it brings an irritation effect to the animal. Most of these pests feed on animals basically by sucking blood out of the animals. When the pests attack the crops, they end up drying. The pests include weevils, caterpillars, rodents, and mosquitoes. Pests can also lead to diseases that might result in the death of the animals and plants. The pest competes with the human beings for food There there is a need to control pests since they can cause more damage to human beings. There are several causes that can make pest visit your homestead. Many of them visit due to human actions. many people leave the refuse uncovered making the rats and flies to visit his place. Food waste that is uncovered could attract a variety of these animals. To control this, it is advisable to introduce bins that have lids so as to hinder the insects from entering. Pest control was invented when agriculture was introduced since there was a need to maximize food production. Human being in the past used methods such as crop rotation, mixed cropping and planted pest-resistant crops to curb the growth of pests. There are various methods of controlling pests. Use other animals to eat the pests like cats. A cat feeds on rodents such as mice. Rats and snakes can be cleared in the homestead by a mongoose.
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The second type of controlling pests is biological pest control. A bacterium can be introduced in water sources so as to control mosquito larvae in water. This method does not leave the water contaminated, rather it makes it safe for consumption. The aim of pest control is to control the pests with minimal effect on the environment. You can reduce pest by eliminating their breeding places. This can be possible by controlling the waste and trash. Maintain the garbage by introducing leads on the bins. Ensure that the drainage is running properly because if it collects in one place, it could be a breeding place for mosquitoes. Maintain the sewers to control insects like flies that could cause diseases.
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Use of poisoned bait is a good idea to control many pests. This method is common among the rat population. This can be most effective when people control other sources where the pests can acquire food. So ensure that you have cleared the garbage before employing this method. If this approach works, ensure that you eliminate the carcass to prevent the animals from coming into contact with them since it can kill them.