KaptenPoker – Writing helps to stay sharp at the poker table

I’m writing a new poker book, tentatively titled “WIN MORE at Texas Hold’em.” It will include much of what I have learned over the years that has helped me become a winner.

It explores poker strategy and tactics, and introduces new concepts such as the Hold’em Algorithm, Two Step Process, Hold’em Alerts, Esther Bluff, and The Secret to Win: Don’t Lose. Special features will include foresight to the future of poker and commentary from poker experts. The way to play the chosen hand must be very valuable.

I discussed my new book with the leading poker psychologist, Dr. Alan Schoonmaker, a dear friend whom I have made through our mutual interest in the game of poker visit KaptenPoker. Al has written dozens of poker books. He warned me: Poker books are not selling well these days. Yes, I have noticed how the sales of my two most recent poker books have declined. Despite this, Al intends to continue writing about poker.

He explains why he continues to write poker books even without financial motivation. I quote four motives:

• “I enjoy it.

• “It makes me feel alive, smart and creative.

• “I have to express myself.

• “It slows down the aging process.”

Personally, I feel the same way. It is the same reason that an artist keeps his drawings and paintings. It’s the same reason that a scientist or engineer focuses on solving difficult technical problems. As for slowing down the aging process, who doesn’t want to stay young and active? Have you read Dr. Schoonmaker, Stay Young; Play Poker?

The four reasons Dr. Schoonmaker, I’ve added three more reasons:

• Can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

• Keeping me mentally active during retirement.

• Writing about poker makes me a better player.

As a result, playing poker and writing about it provides the same kind of challenge and mental stimulation, and that goes one step further: It makes me a better poker player – winning more often with bigger pots.