New Jersey residents beat a field of 337 entries to win $ 77,475

The flop occurred in the Second Match on the bet J 7 Spades Suit 5 Heart Suits and Shorr and was then called all-in when Dzhabrailov raised. Shorr has been defeated, but takes a few straight at the K Suit of Spades to go along with his overcards. A Heart suit on the river didn’t help, and Shorr was eliminated in ninth place ($ 7,595).

Rich Dixon got his last short stack with the J-10 and was called up in two places. He failed to improve and Dzhabrailov’s A-9 high made him his second knockout in the final table. Dixon was awarded $ 10,338 as the eighth place finisher to visit dewapoker.

Despite leading the standings last, Kevin Liu was the next to hit the fence. He got the all-in preflop with pocket threes and found himself at risk against the pocket jacks of Canadian poker expert Mike Watson. The bigger pair stayed and Liu was sent home with $ 14,071 for the seventh place show.

Chabra got her first knockout at the final table with A Club Suit A Diamond Suit. He summoned the all-in short stack Dzmitry Yasiukevich and survived the runout 9 Diamond Suits 7 Spade Suits 3 Diamond Suits 3 Club Suits 10 Heart Suits. Yasiukevich earned $ 19,153 as a sixth place finisher.

Mike Watson fell to the bottom of the tally during a five-handed game. He finally got his last chip in preflop with Q’s Diamond Suit 9 Spades Suit against Carter Swidler’s J-7 Heart Suit from Carter Swidler, who made a pair of seven in turn to secure the pot and sent Watson packing in fifth place ($ 26,069).