Razgu gambling has no 4 Flush Cards and no 3 Card Flush Cards

Razgu Gambling no 4 Flush Cards and no 3 Card Flush Cards – Now, hopefully, we all know once posted on the Internet it never goes away. Nonetheless, it was quite a surprise when I received an email last week from a reader who came across a column I wrote in 2004!

I think the good news is, more than a decade later, the column is still relevant today. It’s about Razgu’s dreaded hand. For those unfamiliar, this is a hand in video poker when you throw all five cards.

I always thought dad made a name. But, it turns out he got it from one of the stories he played poker with. I searched the Internet and couldn’t find any references indicating that it was in general use before my dad started coming for video poker some 25 years ago visit poker88.

I think the term (which to my knowledge is not an acronym) does more justice to the term Draw 5, which is probably more dictionary. Hands must be very bad to become Razgu. In Jacks or Better, the hand is obliged to contain no High Cards, no 4-Straight (Outer) Cards, no 4-Flush Cards and no 3-Card Flush Cards (of any kind). The good news is that less than 3.5% of our hands will become Razgu. The bad news is you probably remember everyone you get to. The bad news is if you get it and start to balance out to play.