So rely on the Hold’em Algorithm when deciding whether to play small pairs

In the game of poker Emotion will be tested from time to time. Then, while driving home from the casino and relaxing, I calmly thought about this incident. I remember something similar happening to me before (and maybe you too, if you think about it). I convinced myself that I had made the best possible – right decision – by folding my pockets in the situation. The chances of winning are slim; I’m a big fan of even making a set (about 8 to 1 against), let alone quads – four deuces – on the flop.

Obviously, it can and does happen. Neither of us has control over the wiles of the poker gods. There is no reason for me to be angry, feel frustrated. My emotions became better than mine at that time. Fortunately, I managed to avoid tilt; but I know I’m very close to him.

A few days later, when I was playing $ 4- $ 8 limit hold’em visit poker88, the same thing happened to the woman sitting to my left. He had folded the bet on the turn, and then watched Jack being handed out by the dealer. He stares at the board, and then, seemingly frustrated, turns to me and whispers in my ear, “I’ll catch the inside straight,” he grimaces.

I can only empathize with him. It reminds me of how I felt after I had folded the bags the night before. I reassured him, saying: “That’s poker!” I’m not sure if he can get over his frustration. But, a few hands later, he packed up his chips and walked out of the game.

So rely on the Hold’em Algorithm when deciding whether to play small pairs. In the long run, it will make you richer. Learn to accept rare occurrences that conflict with you; and avoid tilt. Patience is a virtue.