Video or slot keno isn’t nearly as bad as the lottery

Keno videos or slots aren’t as bad as the lottery – I received an email last week in response to last week’s column. The author explains how while enjoying video poker; She finds she enjoys slot machines and video keno because of the odds for big wins. I can’t argue with this. Nobody has yet created a multi-million dollar prize pool for video poker games (at least not 25 cents or even $ 1). The video keno is also not very tall, but offers some great prizes if you are very lucky.

The good news is that video keno or the slots isn’t nearly as bad as the lottery. The bad news is they don’t offer prizes in the hundreds of millions of dollars. There are several slot machines that can turn you into a millionaire, but these too are the rare breed. visit harvestqq.

So, what does it mean to play a regular slot machine with the highest value in the hundred thousand dollar range? Well, to begin with, the average working rate for slots in Las Vegas is around 93%. How much of this 93% goes to the main prize?

Now, this is problem number one. I do not know. You have no way of seeing. Nobody not at the factory knew (and possibly the casino). The calculations are simple. The number of times the winning hand pays that hand. But the casino doesn’t tell you the winning frequency and there’s no way to calculate it by looking at the machines. Which leaves us with the guesswork of how much in the grand prize.