5 Greatest Casino Macau Citizens Pride

Macau is one of the cities of paradise for some casino fans and it might be a destination for fans of the gambling world. This is because in the city there are many excellent casinos as well as the very best casinos in existence, equipped with the means to really delight some of the players. Even though this city was originally a city that played a role as a trading post in 1557, now it has been successfully transformed into a popular place because of the beauty of the casino offered. We will list 5 of the grandest and best casinos in the city, in these details there is probably one casino that you would love to visit.

Below is a list of the best and grandest casinos owned by the city of Macau, namely:

MGM Macau Casino
MGM Macau casino is one of the casinos as the pride of the people of Macau because this casino is a collaboration with the MGM Las Vegas casino. The casino, which stands on an area of ​​20,620 M2, has 345 gaming tables and 1035 slot game machines and 600 hotel rooms.

Venetian Macau Casino
One casino and exclusive resort in Macau, the next is the Venetian casino. The casino built by American Las Vegas Sands has a twin that was built in Las Vegas. For the largest casino in Macau, this casino stands on an area of ​​50,700 M2 and is equipped with 800 gaming tables and 6,000 slot machines.

Casino Grand Lisboa
This 47-floor casino has a height of 261m owned by the Sociedade de Turismo and it was just opened in 2008 and this casino was awarded the highest building in the city of Macau. Indeed this casino has just opened but this casino has received several awards for the services it provides.

Rio Casino
One of them is the casino that is the pride of the citizens of Macau, the next is the Rio Casino. This casino, which was built with the idea of ​​the Italian empire, is one of the casinos that are planned to bring out some casino visitors. The facilities prepared by this casino are very complete, such as an indoor swimming pool, sauna, shopping center and many more.

Wynn Casino
Wynn casino is one of the casinos with an exclusive resort that has 1,008 rooms and is one by one casino that displays the enchanting lake of dream performance attraction in Macau. This casino was included in the American box office film, James Bond 007: Skyfall.