Fill in the conspicuous holes in your default poker strategy

Another common mistake of amateur poker players is that they are playing in games that are too big for their money. Most professional tournament players know to keep at least 100 purchases. This means if they play a $ 500 buy-in tournament, they are keeping at least $ 50,000 in their bankroll. On the other hand, many amateurs save relatively small amounts of money for poker.

This often results in amateurs being overly concerned about the money they are risking. If you have that $ 2,500 “poker banknote” and risk that $ 500, I totally understand how unbearable the pressure is. If you risk $ 500 out of your $ 50,000 bill instead, you’ll be able to think clearly and make healthy, unemotional decisions.

The sooner you stop thinking emotionally while playing, the better. It is well known that when poker players have things on their mind other than poker, like quarrels with their partners, financial problems at home, or anything else that demands a lot of their attention, they tend to play worse.

Those who take the action of their opponents personally are worse off than those who just play their best in every situation. If someone is constantly raising you up, instead of getting upset and trying to show who the boss is, adopt an ideal strategy to take advantage of their attacks. Don’t think that poker is a game of who can act the macho most.

Always ask yourself why you do the things you do, especially if you are not getting the results you want. If you want to win money from poker but you lose in the long run, something needs to change. To make sure you think about poker in a way that will make you win in the long run, I’ve just created a new series that will make sure you think like a pro and play well. Look at PokerCoaching / fundamentals.