he’s the man who built for Red Rock’s Forrest poker life

We bring you a new monthly series about Las Vegas area poker room movers and shakers. We start this month with Forrest Caldwell, the poker room manager at Station Casinos’ Red Rock Casino Resort.

Forrest was born and raised in Northern California in the city of Redding and moved to Southern California after high school to attend Claremont McKenna College where he received degrees in Economics and Mathematics.

“I wasn’t in a rush to get a ‘real job’ after finishing school and poker just exploded into the mainstream,” said Caldwell. “After about a year of odd jobs during the day, and playing poker at night, I decided to move to Las Vegas in 2005 to find a job as a dealer so that I could have a front row seat for poker all day visit WADUKPKV. My two-year plan runs 12 years and continues to grow, ”the teacher.
I asked Forrest a few questions. The response is as follows.

GT: How did you get into poker?

FC: I’m terrible at puzzles and math games. When you mix it up with my extreme competitiveness, a game like poker seems a natural fit. I have early memories of getting sick from school and playing gin with my mom for hours. I remember learning to memorize the discards and pickups he would make to try to solve the riddles of what he was holding because there was no way I would let him beat me.

As I got older, my knowledge of the card game grew and my instincts for any possibility involving a 52-card card became natural. As coincidence, the year I was 21, Texas Hold’em No Limit had the biggest breakthrough in poker history, and I was hooked right away. I still love the game of poker for all of the same reasons I did when I was first learning. I really don’t play as much as I used to, but I try to get a table when I can.

GT: Tell me about your room in Red Rock. What makes your room popular or unique to players? What’s their favorite game?

FC: I have a 20 table space at Red Rock where we usually spread 1-2 and 2-5 No Limit Hold’em, 2-4 and 4-8 Limit Hold’em, and 4-8 Limit Omaha 8 or Better . We run two tournaments a day at noon and 6:30 pm with a 40-80 player field. Our action goes all the time and the game is well promoted to where the game has action and the players always have something to play.

We have a standard promotion schedule of four kinds of progressive daily and the best results during working hours at the cemetery. We will be adding a huge jackpot in the near future, which is always a favorite in the local poker market. Many of our progressive numbers are linked among all Station Casino poker rooms, which allows us to post very interesting numbers.

If you’ve never tried to hit one of our four similar bonuses that hit the five-figure mark, or one of our jackpots that have historically run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, I suggest you give it a shot; it can definitely add a whole new level of excitement when you peek at pocket mates.

GT: What are your interests, hobbies, family life like outside the poker room?

FC: The top two spots on my priority list are rocked with family and work. My wife and son take most of my time away from Red Rock, and are reason enough to stay happy every day. I am a simple man with simple pleasures. If I find a half day for myself, I usually play poor golf or find myself overly committed to marginal play.