Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino celebrates its grand opening

Located in Gardena, California, Lucky Lady Casino was formerly known as Normandie Casino. Flynt purchased the gaming license from the former Normandie in July 2016 after a battle with the Gardena City Council, which has chosen to grant Lucky Lady tax breaks only if Flynt pays the city a minimum of $ 800,000 a month.

Flynt is fighting for the attached tax break. According to the article “Larry Flynt Stops Casino Opening” in the Daily Breeze, Flynt argues that the city should be grateful that he intends to spend more than $ 60 million on Lucky Lady.

He told the Daily Breeze that he intends to remove the council members in the upcoming municipal elections by supporting his opponents in dominowalet visit.

Flynt continues, “In the 16 years we’ve been there, I’ve paid $ 80.5 million in city tax revenue. We saved the city from bankruptcy. We have paid municipal salaries, including the Police Department for the last 16 years. “

The council has seen its own controversy when former Mayor Paul Tanaka was forced to leave his post after being found guilty of corruption when he became a Los Angeles County deputy minister under Lee Baca, who was convicted this week of obstructing a federal investigation. About Abuse at the Los Angeles County Jail.

The former Normandie also struggled before losing his state gaming license when the owner pleaded guilty to money laundering in January 2016. The Normandie Casino is the oldest card club in the state and one of the original six poker rooms. from Gardena.

After the California Gaming Control Commission revoked the owner’s license, they were granted a four-month pardon to complete the sale of the property. Felony’s conviction disqualifies anyone from having a gaming license.

The casino was founded in 1947 when Russ Miller bought the Western Club. It dwindled over the years as Hustler Casino, which opened in 2000, continued to take business from older casinos.

Normandie is under investigation for two years. The changing of the guards from Millers to Flynt marked the end of an era.

The time is right because with all the card room renovations and expansions in Los Angeles, Flynt taking over from Normandie could save her from closure for good.

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